You don’t need tons of time to achieve the uncluttered, tidy home of your dreams. You just need a strategy to get there — a really simple one that fits into your life without sucking up hours you can’t spare.

What’s pleasantly surprising about having a strategy is that it can turn daily mundane (and often aggravating) moments into opportunities for organization. Having a strategy is about making every moment count. Everyday moments like …

  1. When you’re waiting for a pot of eggs to boil
  2. When you grab that plastic container with no lid (for the umpteenth time)
  3. When you’re brushing your teeth
  4. When you’re breaking down yet another Amazon box
  5. When your laundry is clean, but there’s that one lone sock
  6. When you’re waiting for your hair to soak up conditioner
  7. When you’re watching your sports team play on TV
  8. When you’re leaving your house to run errands
  9. When you’re putting fresh sheets on the bed
  10. When you’re deciding what to wear
  11. When you wake up tomorrow

Virginia Overstreet

Associate Broker

As a lifetime resident of the Gulf Coast, I have extensive knowledge of the local market and can assist my clients with every aspect of a real estate transaction with diligence, passion and professionalism.