Transforming your outdoor space into an oasis without breaking the bank is easy with concrete. Here are some of the pros and cons, costs, and creative ideas to help you decide.

Concrete Patio Considerations

Cement patios are popular home improvement projects because they’re:

  • Inexpensive. Concrete can be a low-cost alternative to popular patio materials like brick or stone.
  • Low maintenance. Concrete requires less upkeep than other materials, which helps save money and time.

The average cost of a concrete patio is around $3,000. The size of the patio, the color, and the finish also play a role in determining the cost. In general, the more complex your patio project is, the pricier it will be.

11 Creative Concrete Patio Ideas

  1. Stamp a Whole New Look
  2. Simplify with Slab
  3. Lay Concrete Pavers
  4. Outline Pavers with Gravel
  5. Opt for a Brick-Style Concrete Patio
  6. Stain for a Fresh Look
  7. Resurface Your Patio
  8. Texturize with Pebbles
  9. Add Patterns and Designs
  10. Polish Your Concrete
  11. Create a Pop With Paint

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